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Elevating Family Fun!

Currently Booking into 2025

Oval Above Ground with Deck Surround, North Rustico, PEI
Radiant Pool in PEI Backyard
Round Above Ground Pool with surrounding deck

Choose your desired size and shape and view pricing!

Light it up!

Pool at night showing aqualuminator pool light

Heat it up!

Titan Heat Pump for Pool, Po Heater

Step it up!

Above Ground Pool Steps by Lumio

Roll it up!

Feherguard Roller for Solar Sun Pool Blanket Cover
Cornelius Pools provides Live For Today with their Above Ground Pools

Cornelius offers a complete range of swimming pools entirely manufactured in their factory in Mirabel, Quebec. The excellence of their products is the result of the constant use of equipment at the cutting edge of technology, along with their engineers’ critical thinking skills and innovative mindsets.

For additional info, pricing, or advice please email

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