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BOREAL 12x18'

BOREAL 12x18'


Above Ground Pool Essentials Package:

1.5HP Pump

22" Sand Filter




52” Wall Height

7″ Painted Galvanized Steel Top Ledges

Painted Galvanized Steel Top and Bottom Tracks

Galvanized Steel Top Connectors

2-Piece Injected Resin Top Caps

6″ Painted Galvanized Steel Uprights

Royal Wall Pattern

1-Piece Injected Resin Foot Collars & Connectors

3/25 Prorated Warranty


TITAN Systems has long been recognized for its design and engineering excellence, offering a complete line of premium heat pump pool heaters.  An early pioneer of heat pump pool heaters,  TITAN Systems was the first manufacturer to develop and introduce enhanced tube titanium heat exchangers setting the industry benchmark standard.


TAG 1 $3200

TAG 2 $4100

Ti1 $4699

Ti2 $5199

Ti3 $5950

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